Scouting Progress Made Easy

ScoutChart is the best way to track Scouting progress and achievements using a mobile device. The app lists the tasks and electives of all five Cub Scout levels, allows Parents and Den Leaders to collaborate online to approve and sign off on each individual elective, and automatically tracks badges and pins.

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Cub Scout® is a registered trademark of Boy Scout of America.
ScoutChart is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Boy Scout of America.

About us

ScoutChart was created by Got Clues, a small team of artists and developers with kids of their own, who think apps meant for parents and kids should be positive, productive, and have fun element to it. Here are some of our other products. If you like them, then please spend some of your hard-earned moolah on them. If you do that, we promise to quit our boring jobs and make more fun stuff for kids!


Chore chart, reward chart on your mobile device. Winner of Best Parenting App award for few years in a row.

Peekaboo HD

Wild-life exploration with sound cues, spelling, and language learning for toddlers.


Den Leaders

Den Leaders can set up their own Dens. Enter the address, den name, leader's name so they can be found upon searching. An assistant den leader maybe chosen.


Parents can customize child's profile, easily find local Dens and sign up their kids.

Joining the Den

Den Leaders can invite parents over email to join the Den, or parents can find the den, and send the den leader a join request.

Scout levels

Supports all Cub Scout® trail levels (Bobcat, Bear, Tiger, Wolf, Webelos). Trails and tasks are downloaded to your device based on the scout level.

The progress

Parent approve tasks when completed from their device. Notifications are sent to Den Leader's device. Tasks are completed when Both Parent and Den Leader has approved them.


ScoutChart tracks your child's badges, pins, achievements status. Additionally, ScoutChart keeps track of completion status of any scout at any given point of time.


Here are some screenshots of the app.